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Go-Pak™ PRESS RELEASE: Pure Hydration sponsorship at YSC Tour de Pink South

Go-Pak™ by Alka Pure Rolls Out Pure Hydration sponsorship at YSC Tour de Pink South

Cyclists Use Sugar-free Electrolyte / Alkaline Concentrate Over 3 Days


Go Pak by Alka Pure Electrolyte Alkaline Concentrate

COVINA, Calif., May 2, 2017 — Go-Pak™ by Alka Pure ( the sugar-free electrolyte/alkaline concentrate, was pleased to participate in the YSC Tour de Pink South cycling event April 21 – 23 as the Go-Pak™ Pure Hydration supplier.

During April 21-23 the second annual Tour de Pink South, rolled in Florida and over 100 riders raised a total of $236,000 as riders raised funds and awareness for young women affected by breast cancer.  The ride was to support the mission of Young Survival Coalition (YSC®), the premier nonprofit organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women diagnosed with breast cancer. YSC works with survivors, caregivers and medical, research, advocacy and legislative communities to increase the quality and quantity of life for women ages 40 and under who are diagnosed with breast cancer. The money raised in Tour de Pink rides helps educate, empower, and connect more than 250,000 women living in the U.S. today who were diagnosed with breast cancer. In events over the past seven years, Tour de Pink riders have raised more than $8-million dollars for YSC.

Many of the cyclists who ride these events are breast cancer survivors; in some cases, they’re just months or weeks since receiving treatment.

“We are honored and delighted to support such a worthy cause and help spread the word about health-conscious alternatives for staying hydrated, both during physical activities like cycling and also in daily life,” said founder August Santana of Alka Pure, Inc. “The Go-Pak™ by Alka Pure is a unique liquid rehydration formula that can be added to water or any drink.  The 10 mL tubes are easy to carry for workouts and can be added to water, coffee or any drink to provide key hydration electrolyte minerals in a purified alkaline concentrate, without any added sugars, sweeteners, food colors, flavors or other additives.  We are pleased that it was received so well with Tour de Pink riders.”

Mary Ajango, a Tour de Pink rider and ambassador said this about the Go-Pak™, “The riding conditions were hot and windy and Alka-Pure was a great addition to my water bottle to really help me rehydrate and keep pedaling.”

“We are so thankful for our partnership with Go Pak by Alka Pure,” said YSC Events Associate Danielle Armour.“ We look for products and companies that align not only with our mission but that is beneficial for our riders and their health, Go Pak by Alka Pure was perfect for the long days in the Florida heat.  

Go-Pak™ provided Tour de Pink South riders with water and Go Pak tubes (with sugar-free electrolytes for rehydration) and looks forward to the opportunities in working with Tour de Pink for the rest of the event calendar for 2017.

“GoPak is honored to participate with YSC and the Tour de Pink,” said Michelle Tull, Go-Pak™ by Alka Pure Ambassador. “The survivors and supporters who ride, like all women battling breast cancer, are an inspiration. We’re proud to be a part of this incredible community.”

About YSC (Young Survival Coalition):
Young Survival Coalition (YSC) is the premier organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. YSC offers resources, connections and outreach so women feel supported, empowered and hopeful.

Young Survival Coalition (YSC) was founded in 1998 by three young women who were under the age of 35 when diagnosed. They were discouraged by the lack of resources available and the under- representation of young women in breast cancer research. Today, YSC is the go-to organization for young women facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

Learn more at

About Go-Pak™ by Alka Pure:
The Go-Pak™ Electrolyte & Alkaline Concentrate by Alka Pure® is an innovative

SUGAR-FREE, ELECTROLYTE/ALKALINE WATER LIQUID CONCENTRATE designed to be mixed with water/coffee and drinks on the go, or purchased in bottles for use at home with drinks and food. It is a sugar-free alternative for sports re-hydration, and an easy-to-use supplement for health-conscious alkaline diet fans.  Learn more at or email


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Choosing The Best Alkaline Water Brands

How to Choose The Best Alkaline Water Brands

Best Alkaline Water BrandsGreat! You’ve decided to try alkaline water but you are having trouble choosing from the many alkaline water brands. There is much to consider when choosing the best alkaline water brand for your personal needs. Below is some information to help you decide which alkaline drinking water is best for you!

Choosing Alkaline Water Brands


Most people today rely on reviews to make important purchasing decisions on both brands and products alike. Be sure to research each alkaline drinking water brand carefully in order understand what the consumers are saying.


Do you see any real testimonials in either written or video form about the brands you are thinking about using? It’s always good to see a nice mix of “real” customers describing their favorable experience with the product. Additionally, are there any paid or non-paid athletes using the brands you are considering? Knowing there is support behind a product goes a long way in terms of validation.

pH Level

pH can vary amongst drinking water brands. This also holds true with alkaline water brands. Check around the internet to see if anyone has previously tested the pH of the brands you are considering. It may be a good idea to buy some small quantities of a few alkaline water brands to test their pH levels.


Alkaline water can now be purchased or made in a variety of ways. There’s bottled alkaline water, alkaline concentrate drops & even alkaline sticks that turn water alkaline. Bottled alkaline water and/or concentrate drops are the way to go in my opinion. I use a combination of both bottled form and alkaline concentrate formula. However, I tend to use Alkaline concentrate drops a lot more frequently as they are great for people on the go. You can take them to the gym, office & even on an airplane to instantly make any drink alkaline… not just water!


Taste is extremely important and can be a strong determining factor in any food or beverage decision making process. Even though, everyone’s tastes are different, one thing is the same; if you don’t like the taste, you probably wont use again. It’s always a good idea to buy some small quantities and try it to see which brand tastes best to you!

About Alka-Pure Alkaline Water 

Alka-Pure’s alkaline water and concentrated Go-Paks deliver five essential minerals in pre-chelated form for efficient absorption and use by the body.

Click Here or the images below to learn more about Alka-Pure’s alkaline water and concentrated alkaline Go-Paks.

Alka-Pure Alkaline Water BrandAlkaline Concentrate Drops - Alka-Pure

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What is Alkaline Water?

What is Alkaline Water?

Put simply, alkaline water is drinking water that’s less acidic than your run of the mill tap water. Pure water is neutral with a pH ranking of 7.0, neither an acid nor a base. It is the reference point for acids and bases. Although the pH of pure water is 7 (neutral), most drinking water and natural water exhibits a variation in pH range because it contains dissolved minerals, gasses and municipal additives such as chlorine and flouride. Water with a pH less than 7 is considered acidic; whereas water with a pH higher than 7 is considered basic, or alkaline. Advocates of alkaline water believe that it can offset the acid in your bloodstream and help you metabolize nutrients more effectively, leading to better health and performance.

But Why is Alkaline Drinking Water Good For Me?

Your body will function more efficiently when it’s alkaline pH balanced. An unhealthy diet, stress and a lack of exercise can all contribute to an improper pH balance. Eating fried foods, red meat & carbs only add to this issue. Drinking alkaline water and reducing the alkalinity of the foods and liquids you intake can help to better regulate your body’s pH levels. Read on to learn more about the health benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water:


An unhealthy diet, stress and a lack of exercise can all contribute to an improper pH balance. Eating fried foods, red meat & carbs only add to this issue. Drinking alkaline water and/or using alkaline concentrate drops daily can help neutralize acid in your blood stream.


Alkaline water with a higher pH functions as an antioxidant. Mineral-rich, high-alkaline antioxidant water can neutralize damaging free radicals because alkaline rich water has the potential to give up electrons. This acts as a neutralizing agent, effectively blocking free-radical damage. Ionized alkaline drinking water seeks out these harmful free radicals converting them into oxygen which your body can use.


Electrolytes are minerals in your blood and other body fluids that carry an electric charge. Electrolytes are critical to every function in the body. They play key roles in keeping water balanced both inside and outside of cells so muscles and organs continue to work properly. When electrolyte levels are off, muscles can become weak (or contract too severely). Dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can adversely impact health and exercise performance. Drinking electrolyte mineral-infused water is a much healthier way to give the body what it needs.


Alkaline drinking water contains important alkaline minerals such as magnesium and calcium which can be extremely re-hydrating and leave you feeling more energized. This is a result of filtering via electrolysis. The process of making alkaline water using electrolysis filtration and ionization removes contaminants, leaving only the desired vital minerals.


Not only does alkaline drinking water arguably provide you the best hydration potential possible; it also replenishes necessary organic alkaline minerals that help to naturally expel toxins. Detoxifying your body tends remove typical acidic waste from your daily food routine. Alkaline water is also believed to remove toxins that accumulate in your body from pollution of the environment. Drinking alkaline water or using alkaline concentrate drops can help neutralize the acidic builds-up that occurs in your body and flushes acid waste byproducts from cells & tissues.

About Alka-Pure Alkaline Water 

Alka-Pure’s alkaline water and concentrated Go-Paks deliver five essential minerals in pre-chelated form for efficient absorption and use by the body. In this video Evander Holyfield discusses why he feels Alka-Pure alkaline water gives him a competitive edge.

Click Here or the images below to learn more about Alka-Pure’s alkaline water and concentrated alkaline Go-Paks.

Alka-Pure Alkaline WaterAlkaline Concentrate Drops - Alka-Pure

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Alkaline Water and Better Hydration for Athletes

Drink Alkaline Water

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-11-28-29-amIf you look around, alkaline water is becoming more and more of a common sight. You are starting to see it at stores, gas stations, and much more often in the news. This story from ABC News  is a good example. It contains a balanced look at alkaline water, the benefits that some claim it has for health and the naysayers who claim it is nothing but an overpriced trend. There are a lot of aspects of the product that are up for debate, but for today let’s talk about alkaline water’s use in exercise and athletics.

Athletic Hydration

Many athletes and personal trainers use alkaline water and will tell you that it gives them an edge in their training process. The argument here is that alkaline water allows your muscles to recover faster since they become acidic and sore after you work out.

Most athletes and professional trainers understand that even slight changes in pH can have a drastic effect on your health. This of course includes all kinds of factors but most of all ability to train and overall performance. Muscles work best within a small window of about 6.9, at rest while arterial blood is about 7.4.

When when you train hard your muscles use an increased amount of glycogen for energy which in turn produces lactic acid, pyruvic acid, and CO2, – this decreases muscle pH. The harder you work out the quicker your muscles become acidic and this leads to fatigue. Accumulation of acid also limits the production of ATP, the energy molecule, and disrupts enzyme activity that produces energy.

Professional Athletes Talk About Hydration

Alka-Pure has been used by several athletes to aid in their workouts, including 5 time Heavyweight Champion – Mr. Evander Holyfield. Watch as he discusses why he feels alkaline water gives him an edge.

medical data sourced from: How Professional Athletes Can Benefit from Alkaline Ionized Water

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The Science Behind Alkaline Water & It’s Benefits

Water is one of the most important things you put in your body. As it goes, a human can live for several weeks without food, but not without water.

So the latest trend in alkaline water is a curious one. Some people claim alkaline water is “snake oil” and that it doesn’t live up to the hype around the supposed health benefits it offers.

Does PH balance matter? Is there anything a person can do to alter that PH balance and does drinking alkaline water have any effect on that? These are all questions we intend to answer.

What Science Says About Alkaline Water

When you start to read about alkaline water, right away you’ll find people calling it “snake oil” and saying it’s a hoax to take your hard earned money. These people largely go after companies who are making outrageous claims about the health benefits of this water. It’s definitely not a miracle cure or a magic potion to eternal youth. It does however have real and documented benefits.

So let’s talk about the provable benefits of alkaline water and the science behind them. The National Institutes of Health recently published a study about it here’s the abstract:

“In conclusion, the increasing dietary acid load in the contemporary diet can lead to a disruption in acid-alkaline homeostasis in various body compartments and eventually result in chronic disease through repeated borrowing of the body’s alkaline reserves. Adjustment of tissue alkalinity, particularly within the kidney proximal tubules, can lead to the more effective excretion of toxins from the body. Metabolic detoxification using a high vegetable diet in conjunction with supplementation of an effective alkalizing compound, such as potassium citrate, may shift the body’s reserves to become more alkaline.” (source)

What this is essentially saying is that – yes, if you have an extremely acidic body it will begin to draw on your natural alkaline reserves which can cause problems. Eating a diet high in alkaline rich foods (ie. vegetables) and taking an alkaline supplement (such as drinking alkaline water) “may shift the body’s reserves to become more alkaline” – This is the real science and the real benefit of alkaline water.

While it’s true that the body has natural processes that balance PH levels, alkaline water is helpful for “gut health” and kidney health. This seems like a no brainer since these are the internal organs that it touches as your body processes it. It makes sense, you wouldn’t drink alkaline water expecting it to cure a twisted ankle. However, it may help deplete some of the acid from the muscles in that ankle and provide for a more speedy recovery.

So the key is to be wary of brands that make unrealistic claims, but know that there is real scientific evidence that alkaline water is beneficial for certain symptoms.

Alkaline Water for Athletic Hydration

Alka Pure received a hefty endorsement from former World Heavyweight Champion, Evander Holyfield. He makes the analogy between putting clean mineral infused water in your body and putting gas in a vehicle. The better quality gas you put in a car the more mileage you get out of it, the body is no different.

It’s a proven fact that intense exercise causes your muscles to produce more hydrogen ions than your body can efficiently remove. As a result, acid levels increase and fatigue sets in.

Drinking alkaline water may enhance the body’s buffering capacity and limit the acidity helping to improve performance.

It’s also well known that mineral supplements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium etc. can help to decrease cardio-respiratory stress and blood lactate responses. Long-distance runners sometimes supplement with sodium bicarbonate and there is proof that alkaline water works similarly.

The mineral content of alkaline water can also help athletes retain fluid in the cardiovascular system. This can result in improved overall hydration status.

When it’s all said and done alkaline water has many benefits and more are being discovered.