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The Alka-Pure Alkaline Hydration Affiliate Program:

Thank you for considering partnering with us to promote Premium Alkaline Water and our Sugar-free Electrolyte Go-Pak™ Concentrate.

This Affiliate Program will be a great fit for all publishers who want to promote the leading alkaline water product on the market today. Born of our founder’s passion for health and well-being, Alka-Pure is quite simply the most portable, reliable, and consistent way to raise the pH level in your body and support better health outcomes.

Why Choose Alka-Pure:

Hydration is the key to life. Your body’s absorption rate of water all depends on the pH level of that water. 75% of Americans walk around in a state of dehydration and don’t even know it. This causes:

– Poor Organ Health
– Poor Brain Health
– Lack of Sleep
– Headaches
– Poor Skin Health
– Fatigue
– Etc…

We hope you will partner with us to promote the most convenient and consistent alkaline water concentrate product on the market! See below for sample banners and further information.

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As always, our dedicated Affiliate team is here to answer all of your questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For More Information…

Tap water is commonly understood to be be lower on the pH scale which tends to be more acidic. Whereas, alkaline water is know to be higher on the pH scale at an 9 or a 10 which is less acidic and now moves into “alkaline”. According to, “Knowing a water’s pH is importance when it comes to maintaining proper body, cell and tissue pH in the body.

Alkaline water helps with intracellular hydration and can protect against Free Radicals, which are damaging to cells in your body. Everyday, more and more people are taking the time to understand the importance of pH balance with regard to their physical health. Nutritionist and doctors alike are starting to agree that the body should be more alkaline than acidic. This is due to alkaline water oxygenating your blood, making it easier on your organs, this is why you need to be hydrated. Choosing to drink alkaline water can be your first line of defense when trying to mitigate acidity in the body.

The unique Go-Pak™ formula of key electrolytes in pure alkaline water concentrate is contained in our Go-Pak™ products. The formula was developed in 2008 by our company founder and a team of research chemists in Southern California. This proprietary formula of chelated minerals is what separates Alka-Pure from our competition. Our “On the Go” philosophy allows customers to get alkaline water on their schedule. Because bottled alkaline water starts to lose it’s pH 10 days after it’s bottled you never know exactly what pH level you are drinking. With our on the go concentrate packs, you are guaranteed 9 – 10 pH alkaline water with a 10 year shelf life, not 10 days!

An amazing added benefit to Alka Pure alkaline concentrate is that you can put it into any acidic drink to help mitigate acid reflux. Coffee, wine and other acidic drinks are often not able to be consumed due to this acidity. A small squirt of Alka Pure and it reduces the acidity so that you can enjoy without acid reflux problems.

Alka Pure is:
– No Added Chemicals/Preservatives/Colors
– No Sugar
– 5 Essential Electrolytes Minerals
– Vegan Approved
– Made in the USA
– Non GMO
– Soy FREE
– Dairy FREE
– Gluten FREE

Program Benefits:

  • Earn 10% commission on every sale
  • AOV over $75
  • 365 – Day Cookie
  • Dedicated Management by MGECom


Gabby Mackle | AM

Gabby Mackle is the AlkaPure Affiliate Manager. Please contact her with any questions.