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Alkaline Water Testimonial

Alkaline Water Testimonial | Customer Review

Alkaline Water Testimonial - Alkaline Concentrate DropsI’ve been using the Go-Paks for about 7 years now.  They help with a medical condition I have: diverticulosis.  The Go-Paks help minimize intestinal pains and infections kicked off by that condition.  The Go-Paks also lessen the effects of acid reflux with my wife.  They even give me a gentle energy boost, and the water tastes better!  We use the Go-Paks in several ways: we add one each to 500ml bottles of Aqua Fina.  I also add it to the occasional coffee or hot chocolate that I drink.  If I eat a spicy dish or soup, I might sprinkle an ampoule over the top and mix it in.  We even take them on vacation and add them to the water we drink while away.  My wife and I are set – alkaline water is the way to go for us!  It’s helped immensely in the last several years!

–GG, New York City

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