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About Alkaline WaterOn this website, you will learn The Clear Story behind our products. We will answer questions about what alkaline water and alkaline pH is – and is not – so you can see the truth for yourself.

There are many claims being made in the marketplace about various alkaline products and electrolyte beverages.

Some are true and some are false. Some are exaggerated and some are simply not provable scientifically. Our ongoing standard is to provide the truth about what Alka Pure premium quality products provide, backed by current scientific research – never “hype” or false claims. Nothing more, nothing less.

The proprietary Alka-Pure Concentrate formula of all-natural, chelated electrolyte minerals contained in Go-Paks and blended into our bottled water was developed in 2008 by our company founder and a team of research chemists in Southern California.

Try a case of our premium bottled alkaline drinking water. You’ll love the crisp, clean flavor of our reverse osmosis filtered water blended with our patented formula of all natural, chelated, electrolyte minerals. Or you can try our alkalizing Go-Paks that instantly create alkaline-rich, 9-10 pH water. This alkaline concentrate can be added to ANY beverage to reduce its acidity, plus it adds five essential electrolyte minerals.

By their performance alone, Alka Pure products can make a healthy difference in people’s lives when used regularly.

The testimonials we receive are the real proof and the best story of all!

We wish you good health – with thanks,

– The Alka-Pure Team