Alkaline Bottled Water 6 Pack


We are now offering a specially priced 6 pack of Alka-Pure 9.5 pH bottled alkaline water with free shipping. For $14.95 you can have the crisp, clean taste of Alka-Pure alkaline water delivered right to your door! Health & fitness professionals love our formula of 5 all natural, chelated, electrolyte minerals. Our water helps your body combat the many health issues associated with acid waste from diet, exercise and active lifestyles.


Naturally detoxify and hydrate your body with the very BEST mineral-rich, high-alkaline antioxidant water available on the market today!

Not only does it provide you the best hydration potential possible, it also replenishes essential organic alkaline minerals your body needs to naturally detoxify.

High Alkaline 9+ pH Alka-Pure® water also helps to compensate for an over acidic diet of artificial sweetened soft drinks, energy drinks, coffee and processed foods.
• High Alkaline
• Naturally Detoxifying
• Premium Hydration
• Mineral Rich

From a busy day at the office, to a heavy workout at the gym, to all the stops in-between, never be without mineral-rich, high-alkaline Alka-Pure® Water an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Discover the difference today.


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